We would like to thank our supporters for their generousity and encourage all SUBLEAGUE.COM fans to do the same.

These organizations play a huge part in promoting the sports of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and submission grappling and help make the Sub League, Oregon Open and Ground Warrior tournaments possible. Please visit them online or at our next tournament.


What value does your organization place on networking with hundreds of local athletes, their friends and family, and countless fans? SUBLEAGUE.COM can help you establish a powerful presence with these consumers through sponsorship of our most popular events.

All SUBLEAGUE.COM competitions populate ten mats from 9:00 am to around 4:00 pm over two days. In addition to the hundreds of competitors who participate each day, well over 1,000 spectators attend each day to watch the matches, visit friends, and shop with on-site vendors.



Sub League is the original submission-only, round-robin Jiu Jitsu tournament. Sub League made its debut in Portland in 2005 as an annual tournament series. Today, Sub League tournaments are single, stand-alone events.

Your sponsorship goes directly to athlete prizes; supporting the local high school wrestling team (facility fees go directly to their program); and in making the event even more dynamic, professional, and well publicized.

In turn, your brand will receive “air time” on subleague.com, printed programs, event t-shirts, on-site banners, and more.



The Ground Warrior Submission Challenge made it’s debut in January 2013. The tournament serves as a warm up to the Spring Sub League Open events and is Oregon’s first Jiu Jitsu event of the year.

The format is the same as Sub League and is also a single, stand alone event.

The tournament places sponsors in front of the local Northwest Jiu Jitsu and MMA community.



Since 2005, Oregon Open has been offering a traditional, pointed competition experience to the Northwest’s growing number of world class Jiu Jitsu athletes.

Oregon Open is the largest Jiu Jitsu event in Oregon with more than 1,000 competitors and approximately 1,500 spectators in attendance.

Your sponsorship will place your brand in front of thousands of fans through subleague.com, the event t-shirt, promotional materials, and more.


We offer a number of unique sponsorship opportunities to fit your needs. All sponsor logos will appear on subleague.com, the official event website, which receives on average 500 hits per day.

Logos will remain on the site throughout the year. Sponsorship funds go directly toward athlete prizes, trophies, staffing, facility fees, and event promotion. Your contribution directly rewards participants and showcases your company as a supporter of cutting edge young athletes and the grappling community. Thank you for helping to promote the sports of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and submission wrestling in the Northwest!