Schedule of Events
Competitors are expected to report to the bullpen and be ready to compete at the times listed here. Competitors not present for weigh-ins will be disqualified. Times listed are the earliest a division will be called. These times do not necessarily reflect the actual start time. Competitors should plan to arrive at least one hour before your projected start time to allow for parking, check-in and warm up.

9:00am – Youth Gi , All Belts
10:15am – Junior Gi, All Belts
10:30am – Men’s Gi, White Belts
11:15am – Women’s Gi, All Belts
11:30am – Youth No-gi, All Divisions
12:15pm – Junior No-gi, All Divisions
12:40pm – Men’s Gi, Blue Belts
1:15pm – Men’s Gi, Purple Belts
1:40pm – Men’s Gi, Brown Belts
1:40pm – Men’s No-gi, Beginner
2:30pm – Women’s No-gi, All Divisions
3:00pm – Men’s No-gi, Advanced
3:30pm – Men’s No-gi, Intermediate

Absolute Divisions
Absolute divisions will be offered to all men and women’s belt and no-gi skill levels. Only competitors receiving gold, silver or bronze medals are eligible to compete in Absolute divisions.

Men’s Gi White Absolute – Sign up by 12:30pm
Women’s Gi Absolute – Sign up by 1:00pm
Men’s Gi Blue Absolute – Sign up by 2:30pm
Men’s Gi Purple Absolute – Sign up by 3:00pm
Men’s No-gi Beginner Absolute – Sign up by 3:00pm
Women’s No-gi Absolute – Sign up by 3:15pm
Men’s Advanced Absolute – Sign up after weight division ends
Men’s Intermediate Absolute – Sign up after weight division ends