Four hundred and thirty ground warrior competitors and teams kicked off the New Year on Saturday, February 1, 2014, with great competition. The annual Ground Warrior Submission Challenge, presented by the Oregon Army National Guard, followed Sub League’s® classic rules. Throughout the day, nearly 400 submissions were earned, in this fast-paced submission-only tournament. View results.

Thank you to all the competitors, coaches and spectators who attended the event. Much appreciation goes out to’s amazing staff, volunteers and sponsors who help promote and grow Jiu Jitsu in the Northwest: Oregon National GuardPineapple Smash SalsaBridge City Fight ShopVXRSI, and more. Oregon Open photographers did a great job capturing the event. Visit SmithHammer Photography and Kristensphoto to see the action and purchase images.

Stay tuned for more classic events. The 10th annual Sub League Season kicks off on April 12, 2014 with Qualifier 1.